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All Of My Heart by Sara Naveed: book review.




Sara made me feel so special when I opened the parcel and found the book – All Of My Heart had made all of my heart happy. It knocked my socks off.

Perfect is the word that comes to mind when I try to describe the cover of book. There is a saying: you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But it was my first thought when I see the cover of book. It described a lot: the strength of love; veracity of two individuals that make them one. A beautiful cover photography by Shutterstock, and brilliantly cover design by Meena Rajasekaran.

Likewise the name All of my heart, the all preceding words made me head over heals. The wonderful story tale made me realise the true feelings, and feel that belonged to me.

The chapter First Encounter was outstanding. It made me feel like the true love is first sight love with ungarbled. Nothing could make Rehaan un-love with Zynah. He was keeping love her madly, and falling for her.

But when one come to know about your first sight lover loves someone else. What one can feel? The same situation had been faced by Rehaan. He’s fallen for Zynah in first sight, and Zynah is fallen for Aariz in first sight. An interesting chain of love began from here.

But very soon the story took an terrible turn. When Rehaan told Zynah that he loved her from the very first day. When Zynah expressed him surprise, Rehaan emphasized her that he would be a better partner for her rather than Aariz.
Rehaan was drunk that’s why Zynah didn’t want to talk him more. But as he was drunk, he didn’t even listened what she wanted to say. He had just started to curse her. And so he also lost their friendship. After realizing that he had lost their friendship, Zynah had got married.

But luckily once again Rehaan met Zynah with the news that she wasn’t happy in her married life. After hearing Zynah’s
Sorrow-laden story, Rehaan decided to help her. He tried to realise that Araiz isn’t good person for her because he is a gay. How could she live with a gay? But Zynah never accept this reality that he will never be a good husband as Rehaan and Soniya, Zynah’s best friend tried to realize. Fact is that, Zynah loved Aaraiz and never wanted to leave her, actually she couldn’t even imagine to leave him. Because when we love the person most, we can not find out any fault. The same situation faced by Rehaan, he kept loving Zynah after insulting many times from her.

After some time passing, finally Zynah realized which the person best for her, and she couldn’t live with the person didn’t love her. Finally the true love won – the love couldn’t be undo, the love couldn’t be forgotten. Finally, two individuals went in one soul – the souls which decided from the heaven.

An amazing story tale of love took an amazing end, that made me feel realizing, the true love won.

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Our casual encounter during the first sitting of the court.


The first month of the Gregorian calendar, on 28th date of 2019-a winter morning, around 11:00 am, I entered within his boundaries, not-so-soft voice touched my ears, passed a vacant stare on him, and then headed toward the bench to sit.

His fixed look left a piece of myself behind. My heart pulsated wildly. What had his unknowingly look done to me?

I did not believe in love at first sight. However, he made me rethink my own beliefs. I had never thought that one encounter could make me fall head over heels for whom I didn’t know the name. I had seen much handsome men/boys before but none of them had make me go weak in my knees like he had.

I had just visited the court to watch the proceeding, not him. But his casual, relaxed demeanour is what made him so attractive. Perhaps, that was one of the reasons why I liked him-why I was so fascinated by him. This could also be the reason that I got impressed by his personality. Because I want to become a Judge and I found such exemplary positives in him that I wanted to adopt.
However, I got to know this illusion when strangely, we never spoke expect for exchanging knowing glance. Surprisingly, I was fascinated by his facial expressions; by his hand gestures. He had almond dark brown eyes, wore eyeglasses with think black frame set in a round face; he had wavily slender
lips. He looked at me for a moment-his eyes distant and faraway, but my breath seemed to stop.

After one and half hour, he gave farewell speech and left the court-room shortly. I stared at him till he was out of sight and then smiled to myself.

Thereafter, his face came to me in a flash of inspiration. His words still ringing in my ears.

Next day was quiet different. His lips, made prominent, stretched into a smile over and over. I couldn’t take my eyes off him-a pleased, kind, and amused facial expression. The lights had dimmed around me and everything was out of focus, except his face. After exchanging glances for a while, our time ended.

Next day it would have been a difficult day for someone who has a dead body of a retired judge in his home, but it was a sad moment for me because I wouldn’t be able to see court proceedings as they were adjourned. But there was one hope that we would meet again.

That day passed in the same hope. The rest of the days were spent in the university. After a few days, I thought about bunking classes and that day at last I met him.

After meeting him, I learnt one thing that I went to that place to learn something, but I didn’t know that I would get lost in his eyes and I would find myself alone in those hollow eyes.


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Manat sey kehna, Raja behriyaa nikla! – A friend’s full of hopes message to an other friend.


After some episodes, the drama took a painful turn. A sudden accident disturbed everyone. On the occasion of Haya’s engagement, Nayab fell down from the top. All got worry. Everyone understood that Nayab has committed suicide. After medical report they find out that someone has harassed to Nayab. That has made clearance that it was not suicide, it was homicide. But A question had arisen who had done homicide to Nayab?

This secret was opened in front of the audience very soon. We as a viewer now come to know as well as Manat who did the homicide of Nayab. She has also came to know that the dying statement of Nayab was clearly against Wajih with describing the whole story in her dying statement which investigating officer told her. Apart from this, Wajih himself told the truth in front of Manat.

First Manat has seen Wajih worse reaction. After that, when her mother explained her not to spoil your married life. If you take any action against Wajih, firstly no one would have believe on you. Secondly you are likely going to have a rocky marriage and causing problem in-laws.

Despite two attempts of telling the truth with Sheheryar and Haya, Manat does not want to ruin her married life. She is really upset. And her nights are often spend weeping. But she is unable to do anything. She is forced to follow the overarching norms of society.

It is awaiting justice and dead Nayab to make justice through a raised voice by Manat. The last words of Nayab in dying statement had great hopes. Nayab was just expecting from Manat that the justice would be done by her truly friend – Manat. In other hand what is she doing apart from crying on her grave?

Another terrible truth of this drama is the police, who had to submit challan – report the collected evidence against accused person while investigation within 14 days in concerned magistrate’s court. But in Pakistan everything can be purchased. Wajih and his brother, Yawer
Keep doing all the effort to hide this crime. Police is being muted by money. The justice requirement begins with the police. And if the police do so, the court will also lose deprivation. Because there will be nothing to reach.

Manat is going to America, to her husband by getting tired of Wajih’s unexpected movements. Will Manat forget everything after going there? As Wajih said that everybody will forget when she comes back as well as everything will be fine. Or something is going to be interesting in the drama as seen in promo.



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I’m watching ‘Cheekh’ (epi: 1 to epi: 5)


I’m watching CHEEKH (1 epi to 5 epi)

The drama – Cheekh, represented by Big Bang Entertainment, directed by Badar Mehmood, written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, and Ali Imran’s pen work with heartedly message; speak boldly with all your heart and never hush your voice. It’s really appreciable for a very strong message through his words.

The drama has started from 5th January at 8:00 pm. on-air on the screen of ARY Digital every Saturday Night. And since that, Cheekh is keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with its mysteries.

‘Cheekh’ comes with the message of to promote the actualization and influence for the injustice done to Nayab – an instance of the struggle for justice.

The drama had started an immense loving scene of three friends: Mannat, played by immensely Saba Qamar, a jolly typed buddy; Haya, played by the stunning, Azekha Daniel, loving, caring and supporting buddy; Nayab, played by beautiful and talented, Ushna Shah, a very simple, loving, and innocent buddy.

With the purpose, Nayab is very dear to Mannat, and she wanted Nayab to become the member of their (his and Haya’s) family as she showed in love with Wajih, Haya’s older brother, played role by dashing, Bilal Abbas Khan, who is a sharp man knows how to play upon any situation to suit himself.

This friendship transforms into relationships as it was changed between Mannat and Haya. Then, they wanted for Nayab but her father wanted Nayab to marry with an old man in compulsion.

On th occasion of Haya’s engagement, Nayab fell down from the top. All got worry. Everyone understood that Nayab has committed suicide. Suddenly the police find out during the investigation that someone has tried to force a harassment with Nayab. Yawar was trying to erase the evidence to save the honour of his home, where police never came after this matter, I guessed.

When the Nayab’s eyes opened, she described whole story to Police, and police told the story to Mannat. She started to suspect Wajih But Wajih testify against his friend Sharikh.

Now, the drama took a new turn when Nayab received a telephonic call from Sharikh, the friend of Wajih, he urgently wanted to meet with Mannat.

According to Sharikh’s testification, he saw Wajih going upwards, and has met with Nayab.

Now let’s see why Nayab called the of Wajih and said ‘Raja beriya nikla’


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اپوزیشن کا پھندا بے بنیاد قرار




اپوزیشن کا پھندا بے بنیاد قرار

قومی اسمبلی کی بیٹھک لگ گئی۔ ارکان اسمبلی کی آمد آمد شروع ہو گئی۔ حکومت کے حمایتی انہی کی زبان بولنے کے لئے تیار ہوگئے۔ وقت پر بھی اپنی نشستیں سنبھالی گئی۔ بڑا سج دھج کے بیٹھتے گئے۔ الفاظوں کے تیر برسانے کے لئے بھی وہ پھٹا پھٹ تھے تیار۔

اپوزیشن ارکان کا بھی ٹولا ایوان میں گھسا۔ ان کے آتے ہی حکومتی چمچوں کی کھٹڑ پٹر میں اضافہ ہوگیا۔ اپوزیشن ارکان کے بھی من ہی من میں گالیوں کے گولے برسائے گئے۔ منہ خوب بنایا گیا اور اپنا اپنا اندر بھی خوب جلایا گیا۔

اسپیکر بے چارہ ہوتا حکومتی پرندہ مگر چوں چوں سب کے لئے ایک کر دیتا۔ سب سے اوپر، سب سے بڑی نشست ارے جسامت میں وہ سنبھالتا اور تو اور سبزی منڈی کا وہ رکھوالا کہلاتا۔ کیوں کہ اسے ایوان چلانے ہوتا ہے ارے بھئی دنیا نا ہنسے پھر اس پر! باقی اس ایوان کے ارکان تو نا ہی ہنسے اس پر کیوں کہ سارہ کیا دھرا تو انہی کا ہے۔ کیا کہیں اپوزیشن جب شور مچائے تو یہ ان کو جب سمجھاتا ہے تو وہ حکومت سے جڑے ارکان پر انگلی اٹھاتے ہیں۔ جائے تو جائے کہاں یہ مچھلی منڈی کا رکھوالا! وہاں مچھلیاں تو سوئی ہوتی ہے نا یہاں تو لوگ مچھلیاں بن جاتے ہیں اور اپوزیشن ہر حکومتی کام پر دھڑک اٹھتی ہے جیسے انہیں پانی سے ہی نکال دیا ہو۔ چیخ و پکار سب کی اس کے کانوں میں گھر کرتی جاتی پھر بھی لاچار اسپیکر منہ سے دھواں دھواں ہو جاتا مگر تہذیب والے قومی اسمبلی کے ارکان اپنی دھن میں مگن رہتے۔

جن میں اپوزیشن کے چوزے حکومتی وزراء کے تیار کرتے ہوئے گوشت سے ہر وقت کیڑے نکالنے میں مصروف رہتے۔ بھلے حکومتی ایجنڈوں نے گوشت کتنا ہی لذت کیوں نا بنایا ہو۔

دیکھا جائے تو اپوزیشن وجود ہی اس بنیاد پر آئی تھی کہ حکومت کا منصب سنبھالنے والوں کی خوب پٹائی تب کرے جب وہ عوام کا پیسا لوٹ مار کرے، خیانت کرے یا تو اپنا کام صرف اپنے بھلے کے لئے کرے اور عوام کی کوئی خبر نا لے، کوئی فلاح و بہبود کے کام نا کرے۔ ارے مگر وہ تو اب نظارہ منظریت ہی ٹھرا۔ کیوں کہ پیارے پاکستان کے ایوان زیریں میں ایسا کوئی نظارہ پیش ہی نہیں آتا۔

سب سے اعلی وزیر اعظم پر توپے برسائے جاتے ہیں جب وہ بے چارہ پہلی مرتبہ یہ خبر سن کر خوشی میں نہال ہوتا ہے کہ وہ چیف ایگزیکٹو بن گیا۔ مبارکوں کے بجائے غلط نارے بازیاں اور جشن کے بجائے شور شرابا کیا جاتا ہے۔ جب وزیر خارجہ ملک سے منسلک دوسرے ملکوں کی اچھی دوستی کا پیغام لاتا ہے تو اس کی نیت پر شک و شبہ کیا جاتا ہے۔ اور جب وزیر خزانہ منی بجٹ کے نام پر اصلاحات کے پیکجوں کا بنڈل لاتا ہے تو بھی اپوزیشن ارکان واویلا مچا کر یہ ظاہر کرنے میں لگا ہوتا ہے کہ جناب اعلی آپ ہی غلط ہو۔ چاہے درست کرو یا نا غلط ہو بھئی غلط!

حالانکہ یہ اپوزیشن کی بلا عوام کو پہلے کہی بار نگل چکی ہوتی ہے جب وہ لوگ حکومت کا مرہ لے رہے تھے۔ پھر بھی حکومت کے ہر کام میں الٹا لٹکا دیتی ہے۔ ان کی تنقیدیں، چیخ و پکار اور بے بنیاد مداخلت کم نا ہوگی تو حکومت کبھی سکھ سے کام نہیں کر پائے گی۔ ہاں اگر کبھی حکومت غلطی پر اتر آئے تو اپوزیشن ضرور چلائیں۔ مگر ان کو بے بنیاد نا لٹکا دیں جس میں نا بڑے کا احترام ہو نا چھوٹے سے ہمدردی یہاں تو بس ہر کوئی اپنی سیاست کی کھیل میں مصروف نظر آتے ہیں۔ کوئی تو ہو جو ملک ہی بھلائی کے لئے کام کرے بھلے پھر وہ اپوزیشن ہی کیوں نہیں مگر خدارا بے بنیاد پھندے پر نا لٹکائے حکومت کو۔

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میری توثیق ۔ جہیز خوری بند کرو!




کہتے ہیں جتنی عمر اتنا تجربہ۔ مجھے تو دھرتی پر قدم رکھے دو دہائیاں بھی مکمل طور پر پوری نہیں ہوئی ہے اور سسرال کے نام سے کانپنے لگتی ہوں۔ وجہ صرف اپنے ادر گرد عورت پر کیے مظالم ہی ہے۔ جن میں سسرال کا تشدد سر فہرست ہے اور جہیز نا ملنا، کم ملنا یا سسرال کی غیر مناسب فرمائشیں افلاسی میں ڈوبے لاچار لڑکی کے ماں و باپ کی ان سنی پکار سب سے تکلیف دے ہے۔

خدا خود فرماتا ہے کہ جب میں اپنے کسی بندے پر راضی ہوتا ہوں تو بارش کی بوندوں سے نوازتا ہوں۔ جب میں اور مہربان ہوتا ہوں اپنے کسی بندے سے تو اس کے گھر کی دستک مہمانوں سے کھٹکھٹا کر اسے اپنے بندوں کی خدمت کا موقعہ اس مہربان بندے کو دیتا ہوں۔ اور جب میں اپنے کسی بندے سے مزید راضی ہوتا ہوں تو بیٹی کی رحمت سے مالا مال کر دیتا ہوں۔ خدا کی رحمتوں کا موازنہ کریں تو بارش رحمت، مہمان زیادہ رحمت اور بیٹی سب سے ذیادہ رحمت والی ہے۔

اب ایک نظر اس معاشرے کے بے وجہ رسومات پر ڈالیں تو وہ باپ جس پر اللہ تعالی مہربان ہو کر اور اسے خوش ہو کر بیٹی دیتا ہے وہ آزمائش بن جاتی ہے۔ بیٹی کے پیدا ہوتے ہی تشویش، ہر گزرتے دن اس میں توسیع۔ ننھی جانیں آنگن میں کھیلتے کھیلتے، اپنی نادانیوں میں مگن کب سامنے بیٹھے ماں و باپ کے لئے پریشانیوں کا سبب بن جاتی ہیں پتا ہی نہیں چلتا۔

ان کی تشویش بے وجہ نہیں، معاشرے کے بے وجہ رسومات میں سے اچھی جہیز دینا ایک اچھی خاصی تشویش کا عالم ہوتا ہے۔ دن کا تھکا ہارا باپ، شام میں بیٹی کی ننھی ننھی خواہشات پوری کرتے کرتے اپنے لب پھیلاتے سانس نہیں لیتا کہ آنے والے دنوں بیٹی کے ہونے والے سسرال کی بڑی بڑی فرمائشوں کا بھی سامنہ کرنے کے لئے خود کو تیار کر رہا ہوتا ہے۔

اچھی جہیز دینا ایک رسم بن گئی ہے اور یہ رسم جو اچھے سے نبھائے وہ اس کا غلام اور جو نا نبھا پائے ان کی جوان بیٹیاں بوڑھی ہو جاتی ہیں مگر کوئی ان کو قبول کرنے کو تیار نہیں ہوتا۔

رسم کیا ہوتی ہے؟
وہ عمل جو کہیں دہائیوں سے چلتا آ رہا ہو۔

رسم بناتا کون ہے؟
کسی نے کوئی عمل نام کے لئے کیا تو کسی نے اپنی پہچان بنانے کے لئے، یوں ہی یہ سلسلہ بڑھتا گیا اور اس عمل کو سب عمل میں لاتے لاتے اسے معاشرے میں ایک رسم کی جگہ دے دیتے ہیں۔

معاشرے کے انہیں رسومات کی وجہ سے ایک باپ کے لئے بیٹی زحمت بن جاتی ہے اور کوئی کوئی تو ان سے جان چھڑاتے کتراتا نہیں۔

حیرت کی بات ہے کہ ایک انسان سے زیادہ بے جان چیزیں کی اہمیت رکھتی ہیں۔ بھاری بھرکم زیور، بیشتر لباس اور عالیشان مکان اگر جہیز میں لے آئے تو اس کی خوب عزت ہوگی۔ اور جو ان کی خواہشات کے مطابق پورا نا اترے تو؟

اکیسویں صدی میں رہنے والے لوگ بھی اب تک اندھیروں میں ڈوبے ہوئے ہیں۔ اپنے گھر میں سکون کے بجائے ہر روز اس لڑکی کے لئے ایک نیا طوفان کھڑا کر دیتے ہیں؛ ذہنی اور جسمانی اتیاچار سے ان کے ہاتھ بالکل بھی نہیں کتراتے۔ تب تک ان کا تشدد و اذیت ختم نہیں ہوتی جب تک ان کی غیر معقول مطالبات اور مانگ پوری نہیں کی جاتی۔

اس اذیت کا خاتمہ کوئی مجبوری میں اپنا گلہ گونڈ کر بھی کرتی ہے اور کوئی رو رو کر اپنے ماں و باپ سے ان کی نا معقول مطالبات پورے کرائے بنا سکھ کا سانس نہیں لے پاتی۔ جو والدین پہلے اپنی بیٹی کی تعلیم کے اخراجات برداشت کرتے، پھر شادی کی مختلف رسومات میں، جہیز میں اور شادی کے بعد بھی ان کی بے وجہ فرمائشیں!

اس درد بھری داستان کا خاتمہ وہ ہی لوگ کر سکتے ہیں جن لوگوں نے اس رسم کی ابتدا ڈالی ہے۔ آئیے سب مل کر اس مہم کو مزید روشن کریں اور لوگوں کو جہیز جیسی اندھی دھند سے اجاگر کریں۔ جہیز خوری بند کریں۔


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I view Zartaj Gul as a tremendous female politician.



I’ve found an inspirational woman who comes and roisters, has emboldened by her earlier success in politics. She is Zartaj Gul Wazir and her recent work has been even more imaginative.

After floundered Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Zartaj Gul in NA-172 (Dera Ghazi Khan-II) in General election 2013, she tried her luck and started efforts in election campaigns. Beside the moral support of her family, the youth mostly students from Ghazi Medical college supported her in her political campaigns.

She faced security issues as the people don’t like women coming out of their homes and going door-to-door in tribal areas but she have a mission to prevent all barriers and move forward to archive her gaol – have to success and win the seat.

One of the most hottest month, in August finally Zartaj’s exertion became her dreams came true. She won the seat of National Assembly constituency NA-191 (Dera Ghazi Khan-III).


Zartaj is among the four candidates from party who won all four National assembly seats in DGK district in patriarchy society she has defeated Awais Leghari, a son of former president Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari. Legharis have been ruling over them since three generations.
Thirty-four years old Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Zartaj Gull swore in and has been serving as the Minister of State for Climate Change.



“Success is ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”
– Winston Churchill.

Zartaj Gul hailed from a middle class of Waizir family having no political background. History has shown us how true this is by the practical examples of the life of successful people. Being poor is not an excuse for attaining success. If you were born poor, it’s not your fault, but if you die poor, it is your fault. She proved that it couldn’t stop them from being who she wanted to be, and has became an inspiration for many girl who have goals and want to join politics to work for their country.

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I viewed ‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’





I viewed ‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’




Dil Mom Ka Diya made me speechless, having bundles of the words in the face of no single word dare to come in to being as write up.

Nevertheless any writer – a person who writes something, dares to write even that she/he dosen’t want to write.

“Dil Mom Ka Diya, the drama has so many aspects: have told us about what you seek what you get, tit of tat and some others too.
But what I seek from the drama and what I believe that intrinsic and unmixed beauty is the authentic and genuine.

As Afzal, the real beauty carrier oppone the very handsome (had been shown in the drama) Tipu. Ulfat had lived with both of them as a wife, but had run behind outwardly beauty, the great Tipu. But hadn’t got that love, affection, care and preserve that Afzal had given Ulfat.

Notwithstanding her worst demeanour with Afzal and his family, she hadn’t got worst experience at the very end just the reason behind was that Afzal and Akmal had forgiven her.
Can she ever forgive herself for being so selfish?

She has never forgiven herself for the way she treated with them.

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Pakistani most famous dramas based on?



Based on a recrimimator was fallen by hero’s mother on hero’s wife.


Zindagi Gulzaar hai


Based on a girl’s jitters in life.


Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan


Based on a recrimimator was fallen by hero’s sister on hero’s lover.




Based on a girl – daydreamer whose journey started to fall in love with a guy ended to fall in love with Him.




Based on swimming on the valley of the heart – famial name and fame.




Based on honour killing.


Aisi Hai Tanhai.


Based on a mother tried to kill her daughter – ‘honour killing’




Based on child abuse.




Based on sacrificing of a daughter’s life.


Meri Guriya


Based on child abuse.


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Khanni Drama Review: Uroosa Eman



If I say Khanni drama is reviewd tit for tat it would be right.

Life is not short but drama is too short as compare to life. So If you do something for betterment than wait please and watch the final conclusion.

This drama based on ‘Sarim Qatal Case’ extnal. Internally it is told us the conclusion of goodness and badness.

Nothing else..
Otherwise direction and scripts were good, espcailly scripts and dialouges were superb. This is drama that is based on simple story with strong rates. ❤